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Janice K Jones

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    Competitions for writers Have you tried entering writing competitions? Some writers shrink with horror at the idea – to submit work online feels so exposing, ‘risky’, and we rarely feel apiece of work is ‘finished’. So, I’ve realised now that writing is like any work of art. It is never ‘finished’ – and we don’t… Continue reading

About Me

I am a writer and artist of Celtic background who has worked as an educator and writer in the arts in the UK, Canada, Turkey, Korea, and Australia. I taught, researched and published academic works in the arts during an academic career at University of Southern Queensland. Now in the beautiful north Brisbane area (Kau-in-Kau-in or blood-blood, for the red cliffs of these coastal lands of the Ningy Ningy people of Queensland, I have returned to study Creative Writing with Queensland University of Technology at Brisbane.

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