Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you’ll explore, read and perhaps get in touch if you enjoy collaborating with other writers or artists. You may be a dancer, an artist, musician, film-maker, writer – or work across disciplines.

I’m an experienced writer, artist and performer living in Kau-in-Kau-in (translated as blood-blood, for the red cliffs of coastal north Brisbane), traditional lands of the Ningy Ningy people.

Author of several research books and articles about creativity, I experience writing as an adventure. It is a craft and an art of many forms. Like most writers I challenge myself to explore new approaches and to learn from and share with others.

On the next two pages you’ll find links and examples of recent creative explorations, and also to other projects I’ve published/co-authored, performed and presented.

Every word counts.

What and how we write changes our own and others’ lives.

Rich colours – and an ever changing coast

Connect: Twitter @drjanicekjones

or Instagram: @jonesjanicek

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