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Janice K Jones


Trees at Carnavon Gorge Queensland

A warm welcome readers (and probably ‘writers/storytellers/performers’.

I find that writing is an adventure, both art and craft – there is so much to learn and we can all learn from one another. In common with many most writers I challenge myself to explore new approaches and to learn from and share with others.

On this site, I will post occasional blogs, creative explorations, and provide links to recent works I and others have published/co-authored, performed and presented.

Every word counts. What and how we write changes our own and others’ lives.

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or Instagram: @jonesjanicek

About Me

I am a writer and artist of Celtic background who has worked as an educator and writer in the arts in the UK, Canada, Turkey, Korea, and Australia. I taught, researched and published academic works in the arts during an academic career at University of Southern Queensland. Now in the beautiful north Brisbane area (Kau-in-Kau-in or blood-blood, for the red cliffs of these coastal lands of the Ningy Ningy people of Queensland, I have returned to study Creative Writing with Queensland University of Technology at Brisbane.

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