Shiva  Nataraja (Seigneur de la danse)

Translation: Shiva, Lord of the dance. This bronze is in the Musee Guimet in Paris: it originates from Tamil Nadu and is from the 11th century – the Chola period.  Here, Lord Shiva is in his incarnation as the destroyer of life: this is represented by the circle of flames within which he dances. Behind him snakes arch upward, and his waist is circled by the great cobra Kundalini. In his hands he holds various implements.

Research Activity: What does Shiva hold in his 4 hands, and what is the symbolism of the figure on which he stands? Share your findings here.
Shiva Nataraja Musée Guimet 25971

Shiva Nataraja 

Modern Indian Dance

Akash Odedra is a contemporary dancer of South Asian heritage based in the UK.  He uses the movement vocabulary of ancient Indian dance traditions such as Baratanatyam within contemporary settings, to give new meaning to both.

Akash is dyslexic, and finds movement and space are his favoured modes of expression – they are texts.

 “Murmur” is his ode to that experience, teaming up with co-creators Lewis Major and Ars Electronica Futurelab. Watch him spin his way through the center of a storm, as pages of books take flight all around him (TED Talks – TED Global 2014)

“Dubbed as the rising new sensation in South Asian Dance, Aakash Odedra is one of the most exciting young contemporary dancers and choreographers in the UK.

Rising sees Aakash perform solo work by three legendary choreographers, Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Russell Maliphant, as well as new work of his own.

As well as performed in four cities as part of impulse, including in the IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Dance in Delhi, Aakash participated in dance residencies with Nritarutya in Bangalore and Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts in Mumbai.” British Council 

Aakash Odedra: A dance in a hurricane of paper, wind and light

This TED performance explores concepts of chaos, destruction and re-shaping. Tearing pages from a ‘book’ within a circle of fans, Odedra creates (and becomes part of) a whirlwind of movement. The pages re-form to create a seeming tornado  – an image suggesting new ways of approaching words, meaning and the book.

TED Presentation: Akash Odedra

Between Silence and Violence…

A performance at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India September 29th 2012.  The backdrop indicates this is a conference exploring issues of violence: Between Silence and Violence: Is there Active NonViolence? It is intentional that male and female dancers perform together, and their arm positions are symbolic of the Lord Shiva – and his role in the ending and beginning of life.

Modern Dance - India

New Delhi, India. Modern dance.