Indian myth and legend: with illustrations by Warwick Goble and numerous monochrome plates. Donald Alexander Mackenzie (1913). London.


Indian myth and legend

Title page
I-VIII Preface
IX-X Contents
XI Plates in Colour
XIII-XV Plates in Monochrome
XVII-XLVIII Introduction
1-18 Indra, King of the Gods
19-37 The Great Vedic Deities
38-60 Yama, the First Man, and King of the Dead
61-75 Demons and Giants and Fairies
76-96 Social and Religious Developments of the Vedic Age
97-118 Mysteries of Creation, the World’s Ages, and Soul Wandering
119-137 New Faiths: Vishnu Religion, Buddhism, and Jainism
138-156 Divinities of the Epic Period
157-172 Prelude to the Great Bharata War
173-184 Royal Rivals: the Pandavas and Kauravas
185-194 The Tournament
195-212 First Exile of the Pandavas
213-223 The Choice of Draupadi
224-236 Triumph of the Pandavas
237-248 The Great Gambling Match
249-269 Second Exile of the Pandavas
270-284 Defiance of Duryodhana
285-309 The Battle of Eighteen Days
310-327 Atonement and the Ascent to Heaven
328-339 Nala and Damayanti
340-352 Wanderings in the Forest
353-363 Nala in Exile
364-373 The Homecoming of the King
374-393 Story of Rama: How Sita was Won
394-407 The Rape of Sita
408-428 Rama’s Mission Fulfilled
429-463 Index

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