Angels do not always come bearing good news! They may bring death and destruction, punishment, fire and sword in retribution for human failings. Or – they may provide an easeful transition to death.

Here, an angel of death is presented in a work by Carlos Schwabe (1866 – 1926)

Dark Angel poised above an elderly gravedigger

Death and the Gravedigger

Source: Death and the Gravedigger


Statues of Angels

Statues of angels may be decorative fixtures on buildings and most particularly in connection with death. They feature upon tombs, graves, and mausoleums. They are gender ambiguous: The Angel of Death featured on the grand mausoleum of the Donnersmarck family in Świerklaniec (19th century) holds a hand out to calm the grieving – but carries also a cross (marking this statue as belonging to the Christian tradition.)


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